Jeep owners tend to be very passionate about their choice of vehicle. Drivers in Wichita, KS, who own a Jeep Wrangler are likely to upgrade to a new model rather than select another type of vehicle.

Knowing when to trade in your current Jeep Wrangler for a new model is always an important consideration. There are several factors or signs you can use to determine if this is the best time for an upgrade.

Mileage and Age

To maximize the trade-in value, any vehicle should be a newer model and have lower mileage. If you want to trade in for the maximum value, consider upgrading when the vehicle is less than five model years old and has less than 75,000 miles on the odometer. This qualifies the trade-in as a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Of course, the vehicle must also be in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition and should have a frame that is free from damage and repairs and also has a clean title.

Technology Features

As with any vehicle, the newest models of any trim level in a Jeep Wrangler will have the latest in technology and features. Although the Jeep is built as a practical, working SUV, it still offers different interior cabin features that adds to comfort, safety, and driver-assist systems.

Take a look at the difference in the new models of Wranglers on the lot. Upgrading is an ideal way for Wichita, KS, drivers to take advantage of the newest features in the vehicle they love.