Is Memory Care Covered by Medicare?

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Assisted Living

Medicare offers peace of mind for seniors over 65 and their caregivers. Recent changes to Medicare do expand what the program covers in terms of assessments, treatment, and care planning for all types of cognitive decline including dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you are in Bergen County, NJ, find out more about what memory care options are covered by Medicare.

Memory care refers to a set of interventions that help prevent cognitive decline. As research on cognitive decline progresses, Medicare is more likely to cover evidence-based services designed to help people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Medicare already covers a significant part of what you need as a caregiver, and what your loved one needs in terms of appropriate treatment interventions for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. For example, Medicare may cover in-patient hospital stays, as well as some in-patient treatment services. Medicare covers a lot of different pharmaceutical interventions. In many situations, Medicare will also cover home health services and treatment centers like Sunshine.

Understanding what Medicare does and does not cover can be difficult, particularly as the situation changes fairly frequently. Medicare does cover a lot more than people think, helping caregivers understand what they can do to better manage their family’s finances as well as create the ideal environment for their loved ones. Always consult with experts in senior care before making decisions about home health or nursing home care.

Facilities in Bergan County NJ like Sunshine offer sophisticated memory care services that slow cognitive decline and maximize quality of life. Medicare covers most of these interventions, programs, and treatments. While Medicare does not cover all the services and interventions on the market, the program does help offer families a wide range of options for senior care services.

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