Is Workers Comp Available for PTSD in St. Paul

PTSD can be very debilitating, and can greatly affect one’s work performance. While there are very specific circumstances for it, it is possible to have PTSD Workers Compensation in St. Paul.


There are some very specific qualifications that have to be met in order to get worker’s comp for PTSD. The first requirement is that the PTSD has to be work related, or resulted from an on the job experience. While employers are required to work with those who have existing PTSD and are unable to use it as a cause for termination or rejection for employment due to disability laws, having pre-existing PTSD does not qualify you for worker’s comp from your employer. The second qualification is that there must be some form of physical injury accompanied with the PTSD. For example, if you work with machinery and getting a limb caught and crushed resulted in PTSD on top of the physical injuries sustained, you can qualify for worker’s comp to cover your PTSD. The day to day mental stress of the job would not qualify you.

How to Get Coverage

In order to get Professional PTSD Workers Compensation in St. Paul there are a few things that you need to submit. First, you need to have a confirmed PTSD diagnosis from your doctor. Once you have your diagnosis, you also need to prove that the PTSD coincides with physical injuries sustained on the job, and provide medical records for treatments of those injuries. While your doctor can help you gather the records to submit, you can also seek the aid of a worker’s compensation attorney if you feel you deserve worker’s compensation and your employer is looking to deny you the benefits.