Keep Your Family Clean With New Water Heaters in Lubbock

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Heated water is one of the benefits of modern plumbing, but Water Heaters Lubbock can sometimes be temperamental appliances. For instance, electric water heaters can break down when one of the internal elements degrade. At this point, the element will usually break and kill the connection, but they can also short out. A short in an electric water heater can result in the appliance getting a continuous supply of low voltage that is constantly heating the water. The end result will be a scalding water supply until an external sensor detects the problem and trips the power supply.

Water Heaters Lubbock come in various sizes. Tank based storage systems can range from a small ten gallon units to ones that can hold over a hundred gallons. The typical size for household usage will be thirty or forty gallons depending on the size of the home. When your tank fails you can opt to increase its size, but it is important to ensure that the electrical circuit can handle the load. Water heater tanks come as galvanized steel or steel with an inner lining. Lining materials are glass or cement. Cement is the preferred option because it coats the inside of the tank evenly and covers the edges of the fittings.

Other types of Water Heaters Lubbock include boiler systems and in-line water heaters. Boilers aren’t frequently used in the Lubbock area except in certain commercial instances. However, in-line systems are becoming very popular. An in-line water heater is a system that has no storage tank. This means that water is heated as it is required. They are a popular choice for people who spend very little time at home and only need heated water for bathing or other cleaning requirements.

In-line Water Heaters Lubbock are also known as tankless or flash water heaters and can be purchased as either room based units or whole house systems. To install a whole house model the plumber will need to calculate the maximum load requirements for the entire family so that hot water can be supplied whenever it is required. One benefit to using small in-line water heaters is the ability to place them wherever they are required. With tankless units you can place one in the bath and another in the kitchen so that both rooms have heated water simultaneously.

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