Keep your garden maintenance to a minimum

There are few people who don’t love having a beautiful garden to admire around their homes. The added advantage of having well-manicured beds and a lush lawn is that this gives your home curb appeal, along with the pleasure that you derive from it. If your house is in a lovely setting, this adds value to it, and puts a potential buyer or visitor in a pleasant frame of mind before they even reach the front door.

The difficulty comes in keeping a garden looking good. Everyone knows how much time and work is required to ensure that a garden projects the right image. Ironically, if you have many plantings and trees, along with defined flower beds, if you leave these and allow vegetation to start straggling, the effect is one of neglect. In this situation, it would probably be better to simply have a patch of lawn.

How to reduce maintenance and keep your garden looking neat
One of a gardener’s chief problems is keeping flower beds looking ordered. As most beds are surrounded by lawn, there are constantly runners of grass growing into the bed and establishing themselves. Then there’s the issue of keeping the edges neat and in the right shape. Over time, as you keep re-cutting the edges and pulling back the intruding grass, you may find that the once-straight line in front of a bed has become jagged, and the neatly drawn circle around another has taken on a whole new loop. This is a common situation for many frustrated gardeners.

Find a solution with concrete borders for your Summerville SC garden
A perfect answer to keeping your beds neat and to keep maintenance to a minimum is to surround the beds with a concrete border. The idea of concrete might sound a little soulless to you, but that’s because you’re imagining plain grey. Actually, stamped concrete can look like cobbles, brick, or any number of attractive features. These borders are not only lovely to look at, they keep the edges exactly as you planned them, and prevent grass from invading. All you need to do is to trim the edges with a weed eater from time to time, and your garden looks flawless.