Keep Your Home Cozy With Reliable Heating and Cooling in Highland Park, IL

Your HVAC system is the heart of your home, keeping your family warm in cold weather and cool when temperatures rise. However, because the system works hard throughout the year, it needs regular maintenance to provide efficient service. For reliable heating and cooling in Highland Park, IL, regular maintenance and inspection is critical.

Keeping Your HVAC System Functioning Efficiently

You can help to keep your system running well by doing a few maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Change your system’s air filter on a monthly basis for optimum airflow. Remove obstructions to registers and vents throughout your home. Trim back tree and shrub foliage from your outdoor unit to ensure clear airflow to the system. Check to see if the drain line from the system is clear. Adjust your thermostat for the upcoming season. Have your system inspected by an experienced HVAC contractor to avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

Your HVAC Technician Will Provide A Number of Checks For Your System

Your system inspection will include checking the moving parts for wear and tear and replacement of these parts when necessary. The technician will lubricate your system for quiet, efficient operation. They will clean the condenser and evaporator coils. Refrigerant levels will be checked. Drain lines will be flushed. The tech will calibrate the blower motor. The thermostat will be checked for proper operation.

Minor HVAC problems can be repaired before they become larger issues that disrupt your family’s lives. Your reputable local contractor can ensure your heating and cooling system functions properly. If you need a contractor for heating and cooling in Highland Park, IL, contact Heatmasters, for an appointment to have your system inspected for optimal efficiency.