Keep Your Santa Fe Style Home Cool and Dry With Roof Coating in Tucson

There are several roof styles that a home or business can have such as the pitched roof typical of most timber framed homes or the low sloped roof used on large commercial buildings. However, in southwestern locales such as the Tuscon area there are a number of buildings that use the Santa Fe construction technique. This is an adobe or simulated adobe structure with a flat roof. Technically, the roof is a low sloped construct with an approximate angle of five to ten percent. To ensure the roof doesn’t leak it is painted with a covering of Roof Coating Tucson.

Originally, these roofs were coated with tar or other pitch based resins and often required a yearly application to ensure the product didn’t dry out too quickly in the Arizona heat. Today there are alternatives for hot tar Roof Coating Tucson including the use of polymer or silicone based coating products or the installation of polymer membranes. Low pitched roofs are usually the roof of choice because they provide a budget friendly method of covering large spaces which are easy to repair. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if the roof pools a little water on occasion as long as the roof coating and any aggregate covering it is not disturbed.

Many roof coatings use some form of bitumen. The downside of these products are flammability. Alternatives that use modified bitumen and asphalt coating over fiberglass base sheets reduce this problem to a certain degree. Cold process roofing uses polyester or polyester/fiberglass reinforcement with an adhesive coating. Most of these roof coatings are either a solvent based or waterborne adhesive designed to bond to the specific reinforcing product. The reinforcement doesn’t add strength to the roof itself, but it does make the sealant tougher which helps it endure changes in weather. Browse website for more details.

Another type of home that can require roof coating are the various manufactured buildings colloquially know as mobile homes or trailers. These portable buildings have metal roofs with seams. Some newer models require the seams be sealed periodically, but certain older homes may need the whole roof to be coated. This roof covering needs to be evenly applied so any rain can quickly run off of the roof. If you have a home that needs Roof Coating Tucson, then it is time to contact an expert like Ralph Hays Roofing Tucson.

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