Work platform machines like scissor lifts are handy tools to have. However, they can cause special safety hazards, and it’s important to understand the right way to get your equipment ready to use. Whether you own your machine or you use a trusted scissor lift rental company, these inspection and safety tips are here to help you.

Equipment Inspection

The operator should go over the equipment to make sure everything is in good condition. First, check the tires. Make sure there are no unusual signs of wear or missing pieces of rubber. This can cause the machine to not give you a level surface for lifting.

Check all the controls to see that they are working. Check the batteries for loose connections and check the water levels. Operate the lift from the ground to see if it rises smoothly. Lower with the emergency lowering switch, to make sure it works. This ensures no one gets stuck in the air should the lift stop working.

Next, check the controls on the platform. They should work smoothly and without any problems. If you rent, your scissor lift rental company takes care of these things for you, but it’s always best to check them for yourself for safety purposes.

Work Area Inspection

Before using your scissor lift rental equipment, make sure there are no obstructions like tree limbs or power lines in the way. You should always place the machine on a level surface before using.

Operator Training

Your operator needs to read the instruction manual before using the equipment, and safety gear like hard hats are important. Most scissor lift rental companies will show you how to run their machines and explain safety rules. They are there to help you have the safest and most efficient working experience.