Keeping Rodents Out Of Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

When someone has grain storage bins in Oregon on their property, the risk of rodents getting near the enclosure in an attempt to have a meal to eat is great. There are several steps one can take to ensure rodents are not a problem, saving their grain from becoming contaminated as a result. Here are some tips one can use in an attempt to keep mice and rats away from a grain storage bin’s contents.

Continuous Monitoring Of The Bin For Signs Of Rodent Presence

It is very important to have a continuous surveillance plan in place to monitor rodent activity in and around the storage bin. A list of dates showing when rodents were noticed, in addition to the exact locations they were found, will be helpful in determining where they are getting inside the bin. This information will then lead to the chance to do repair work in an attempt to keep rodents at bay.

Make Repairs To Areas Where Rodents Are Getting Inside

Employees should check for crevices in the walls of the grain storage bin regularly to make sure there are no voids present where rodents are gaining access to the products inside. These will need to be repaired immediately to minimize rodent break-ins.

Take Care Of The Exterior Of The Bin Area To Make It Less Attractive

An area where attractions are abundant will be sure to gather several rodents. To minimize their intrusions, it is best to place some deterrents near bins. Plastic owls or hawks can be positioned in nearby trees to make rodents believe they are at risk if they remain in the area. One of these decoys could also be positioned on the bin structure itself to keep rodents from getting too close. Cutting foliage away from the bin’s location will also make the area less attractive as rodents will not have a readily available hiding place.

If new Grain Storage Bins in Oregon are needed to replace older ones prone to rodent invasions, finding the right supplier is key. Contact us to find out more about the products offered and to speak to a representative if desired.

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