Keeping Wildlife Away From Roll Off Containers in San Antonio TX

When renting Roll Off Containers in San Antonio TX, there is always a risk of animals getting inside the dumpsters. This can cause refuse to be strewn around a property and can be harmful to the animal if it is not able to get back out of the container. Here are some ways to keep wildlife away from roll off containers.

Mask Odorous Refuse

Wild animals like bear, skunks, raccoons, mice, rats, and even feral cats are attracted to the smells of trash. If the contents of a roll off container smells like grease or food, wild animals are bound to try to gain entry. To help eliminate odor, garbage should be double-bagged. The smell of refuse can be masked by adding a few sprays of a mixture of vinegar and water both to the interior and exterior of each garbage bag being thrown into the container.

Scare Animals Away

Use motion-activated lighting pointed toward a roll off container to help thwart break-ins by wild animals. When the lights go on, animals will run from the area, leaving refuse where it belongs. Placing a radio near a roll off container can make animals think people are in the area, helping to keep them away from the container as a result. Decoys such as owls or snakes can be purchased in a hunting shop and placed near a roll off container to make animals think predators are nearby. Hanging sparkly items such as compact discs or pie tins will help keep crows and rodents away from a roll off container.

Keep The Lid Down

Anyone using a roll off container should make an effort to place the lid down after any trash is placed inside. To help keep animals out, bricks or concrete blocks can be placed on top of the lid. While this is a little more time-consuming to remove to put trash inside, it will save time in picking up trash wild animals may leave behind if they get inside the unit. and other services that rent Roll Off Containers in San Antonio TX can help give more tips in how to protect a container from a wild animal break-in. Simply visit the web page or call for additional information.

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