Know how term insurance can benefit to your loved ones

Ever wondered as to how will your family cope with your untimely demise? They would definitely be grief-stricken and to add to that would be the misery of having to take care of finances at home. A term insurance plan would come in handy and help them tide over the financial emergency that they would be facing.

What is a term plan?

A term plan is a life insurance plan that give the nominees of the policy a lumpsum amount in the event of the policyholder meeting with an untimely demise. For instance, if you are the breadwinner in your family and you pass away in an untimely manner. Your family will be burdened with a lot of financial liabilities. To help them take care of the financial liabilities, they need financial support. This support can be provided to them by you if you take a term insurance plan. Your family will be paid a fixed sum of money, either in lumpsum or in monthly instalments after your death. This will ensure that your family has enough resources to tide over the financial crisis following your death.

Benefits of term insurance

A term plan can benefit your loved ones in the following way:

1. Take care of financial liabilities and expenses
In the event of your demise, your family will not have to worry about meeting the financial liabilities or expenses. They will be supported financially with the amount paid out by the insurance company.

2. Take care of your ageing parents
If you have ageing parents, their health needs to be taken care of which will require financial support. The Sum Assured received from the insurance company will help in taking care of your parents.

3. Can serve as capital for a business
If your spouse, after your death, wants to start working and your kids are small, she will have a tough time balancing a job and the kids. It may be better off if she starts something on her own which will give her the independence to manage her time and balance both work as well as home. To start a business, she may need some capital. The Sum Assured from the term insuarnce plan can provide the capital for the same.

4. Prevent debts
If your family does not have any financial support, they will have to resort to borrowings to meet their expenses. This will lead to a debt-ridden life for them which is ill-advise, considering that their chief breadwinner is no more.

Take a step towards preventing your family from financial distress by buying a term insurance plan so that even after your demise, they can live with their heads held high.

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