Laminate Flooring Experts in Potomac Have 3 Laminate Options That Look Like Classic Hardwood

Laminate flooring comes in a multitude of styles. Oak, hickory, hayfield, classic laminate, and many other options are available on the market. Hardwood flooring is more expensive than laminate. The appeal of hardwood is often the sense of natural beauty it offers in the kitchen. Companies such as Renaissance Floor and Carpet have found a middle ground. Below are a few options that appear as hardwood, but are actually laminated.

Haley Oak

Oak often delivers a very distinctly pointed design. The edges are very clear. Each panel is clearly visible from the corresponding panel, which is an effect many people adore. It is a lot different from the blended effect that many other laminate styles provide. Oak is peculiar because it can come in many shades. One panel could be a light brown whereas another has a dark coloration to it. Ultimately, the result is a brilliant collage of many various shades of brown, layered in a very organic and unintentional way. In theory, no haley oak paneling is like another.


There are other types of oak. These types do not necessarily have to be brown in coloration. Heron oak is clearly a dark gray, but it is blended with whites and blacks. The Laminate Flooring Experts in Potomac also lay it as one larger unifying piece, so there is no distinction from one panel to the next. The sheen is singular, and only with a close inspection can a viewer see it as laminate.


Hickory is visually similar to classic haley oak. The patterns within the panels are very different even if the color is extremely similar. With hickory, the design is thicker and more brazen. Black swirls are more pronounced, so viewers can easily see the separation between black and brown within the design. Brown oak, on the other hand, is typically a series of shades. the black parts are subtle and shaded alongside darker brown spots to give a gradient to the texture. Hickory laminate flooring is also often physically thicker than haley oak, which consists of finer panels. Typically, hickory panels are twice as thick as haley oak.

All laminate flooring experts in Potomac do the work a little bit different. The laminate itself may also vary, especially in designs that are more natural. Visit Renaissance Floor & Carpet to get an overview of the various style options, and find the best match for the current kitchen.

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