LASIK Surgery: Benefits and Concerns

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Health

LASIK eye surgery uses laser to treat eye conditions and improve vision. It can cure eye conditions and even prevent blindness from setting in.

How it works

A trained eye surgeon must perform the procedure. Precision is key so you’ll want to make sure you pick a doctor you can trust to carry out the LASIK surgery without any problems. The surgeon will need to create a thin hinged flap with the use of a microkeratome. Once that’s done, s/he will then pull the flap back, exposing the corneal tissue underneath. The laser then reshapes the cornea. After that, the flap is gently put back in place without any sutures, says Medicine.Net.


It’s effective. That makes it a great option. It also doesn’t require any stitches or bandages that could prolong the discomfort, allowing for faster patient recovery and healing. In addition the procedure itself involves little pain. After undergoing LASIK surgery, many patients no longer have to wear corrective lenses or eyewear. That means plenty of long-term cost-savings.


Side-effects of the surgery are normal. And like any other medical procedure, this also comes with a few risks. However, an excellent way to minimize or even reduce those risks is to hire a competent and reliable surgeon to do the job. That way, you won’t have to worry about anything. You can come in for the procedure, confident and at ease, knowing your health and safety is in good, capable hands.


Dust and dirt will irritate your eyes further. This could increase the risk of infection after the surgery. You might want to clean up your room or home before the procedure then. That way, you can go home without worrying about dust and dirt that could aggravate the dryness or irritation in your eyes.

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