Learn How to Swag a Tablecloth for Your Next Special Event in Austin

It’s the special little touches that guests remember long after the party is over. Something as simple as swagging the linens can make your special occasion stand out. Learning how to easily swag a tablecloth will impress your friends and family, and they’ll think you spent way more time and money than you really did.

Choose the Right Tablecloths

You’re going to need two tablecloths for each table. They need to be in two separate colors. One will go on the table as a base layer. The second one will go over it and be the one you swag, allowing the underneath one to show.

Make a Pleat

Start anywhere around the table. Place your hand at the bottom of only the top linen. Have your thumb in front and fingers in the back. Gently raise your hand to gather the material. When you reach the desired height, grasp it firmly and use a safety pin to hold it securely.

Determine How Many Pleats

Go directly across from the pleat you just made and do a second one. Then do one halfway between these two on each side. Continue adding even numbers of pleats around the table until you like the look that you’ve created.

Once you learn how to easily swag a tablecloth, you’ll never again be at a loss as to how to make a party look amazing. Visit CV Linens to find all of the supplies you’ll need for this amazing project.

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