Learn the Top Reasons Why You Should Decide to Become a Drummer

Versatile musicians and beginners alike are searching for drum lessons in Encinitas, CA. Ask any local musician you know which position is hardest to fill in the band, and odds are the response will be “the drummer.” Whereas there is hardly ever a shortage of guitar players in any given music scene, the dependable drummer is a rare breed. Developing drumming skills is an excellent strategy for a musician who wants to have a skill set that is always in demand.

The very act of drumming itself has therapeutic value. Humans down through the ages have found an outlet for emotional expression by thumping out rhythms. As an added bonus, one’s whole body gets into the action of playing a full kit. Like all physical exercise, this creates endorphins and can have a positive effect on mental health.

Another fun thing about being the drummer is being the glue of the band. When George Harrison quit the Beatles, who did they send to entice him back? Ringo. Being the keeper of the beat puts the drummer in a unique position to hold everything together.

The skilled drummer will develop a special relationship with the bass player. The two of them form the basis of the band’s rhythm section. Although lead singers and guitar soloists get a lot of attention, they would never get the chance to shine without a solid groove chugging along behind them. That’s not to say that drummers never get to take center stage. An elegantly placed drum solo can add an exciting interlude to the performance.

Don Henley, of the Eagles, is one example of how holding a pair of sticks doesn’t mean you can’t take your turn as the star of the show. He has been known to sing and play drums simultaneously on stage. Don’t let him have all the fun; find drum lessons in Encinitas, CA, and let the beat roll on!