Learn What Hyperpigmentation Is and How to Address it in Peachtree City

Hyperpigmentation is a big word for a relatively harmless skin condition. People afflicted by this condition usually experience dark patches of skin on certain areas. These areas can be a stark contrast to the surrounding skin. If you think you might have hyperpigmentation in Peachtree City, learn more about the causes and treatments.

The Root Cause

At the heart of it, hyperpigmentation is caused by too much melanin. This is a pigment in the skin that causes it to have a brown appearance. Hyperpigmentation can also surface as liver spots. These are smaller blotches of dark skin that are brought on by extensive exposure to the sun. Finally, melasma is a form of dark spots that usually occurs due to hormonal changes. Yet, underlying it all is an overabundance of melanin.

Other Related Issues

Not all dark spots are due to hyperpigmentation in Peachtree City. Some skin problems may actually be the result of other diseases. For example, skin can be scarred from a previous bout with acne. It can also become damaged due to different types of surgery. Additionally, may accompany underlying diseases, such as lupus.

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation

Fortunately, there are some effective solutions to hyperpigmentation. One of the best things you can do is to avoid the sun as much as possible. You should also resist the urge to pick or scratch the affected areas. If it becomes unbearable, you can use special topical creams for some relief. In more severe cases, you can opt for a cosmetic procedure, such as laser therapy.

Other Options

There are many different ways to combat hyperpigmentation in Peachtree City. Also consider getting a chemical peel or an intense pulsed light treatment. Just know that there are ways to deal with the condition if necessary.