Learning About Places to Cash Money Orders in Louisville KY

Money orders provide an easy way for two people to exchange money without using a checking account. Even with all the electronic transactions being done today, money orders are still relatively common. When someone doesn’t have a bank account, this person may need a place to Cash Money Orders in Louisville KY.

Stores that provide a variety of cash services commonly include check and money order cashing among those services. A person who is new in town and has recently started a job may need somewhere to cash the first payroll check or two. If this individual receives money from a relative back home in the form of a money order, a check-cashing store typically will exchange real money for that as well. These financial service facilities also may offer cash advances and payday loans to qualified borrowers.

To Cash Money Orders in Louisville KY at this type of store, the customer will need photo identification. This is usually the only documentation required by a store such as Money Now. The store charges a reasonable fee for the service, which will be deducted from the amount of the money order.

It may seem frustrating that a bank won’t cash money orders when a person doesn’t have an account there. Some banks won’t even cash money orders they have issued if the recipient doesn’t have a savings or checking account with this institution. Banks tend to have complicated regulations their directors have developed, which leads to them having to deny service to the general public.

Postal money orders can be cashed at post offices, but those facilities may be few and far between in a metro area. Some large department stores are willing to cash money orders, but they may not be in a convenient location for every individual. People relying on public transportation, for instance, may not want to take the time necessary to ride to the outskirts of the metro area where these stores tend to be located. It’s often easier to go to a check-cashing and money order-cashing service nearby.

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