Learning From The Professionals: Why You Should Take Certified CPR Lessons

Due to movies and television, the use of CPR has become a widely used trope in order to add suspense and relief. The actions are rather similar in all instances where a person breathes into another person’s mouths, pumps their hands up and down their chest repeatedly with as much force as possible and then, all of a sudden, the “victim” is revived. Unfortunately, much of what has been portrayed in Hollywood is fictitious, and the on-screen process is often filled with errors. Ordinarily, this would not be much of an issue; however, if people were to follow the advice seen in the movies they are likely to further harm a person rather than save them.

Common Mistake: Do Not Constantly Pump Your Hands Over A Person’s Chest

The act of manually resuscitating a person by moving your hands up and down the chest is meant to force air into their lungs. However, you should never do it the same way they do on the silver screen. The act of forcibly pumping a victim’s chest should only be attempted if you have the proper training and knowledge that comes along with CPR certification; otherwise you run the risk of harming the person further. Pumping on the chest excessively with your hands can lead to injuries like a cracked rib, which can wind up piercing the lung of the person you are attempting to help.

Remember That CPR Has Limits

If you were to take a BLS Certification in Modesto CA at a certified training facility, one of the first lessons they will teach you is that CPR has limits. Yes, it is a life saving procedure; however, it does has its limits. CPR is meant to help the lungs regain their functioning by expelling foreign contaminants and bringing in fresh air. However, if the victim in need of assistance has already passed away, CPR will not bring them back no matter what you do. There are also limits to the effectiveness of CPR, since the brain can only handle five to ten minutes of having no oxygen before permanent brain damage begins to set in. This is why getting proper training is important, since the depiction of the effectiveness of CPR in movies and TV is often highly exaggerated, and does not properly depict the procedure or its actual effects.

Overall, taking up CPR lessons is a fantastic—and potentially life-saving—new skill to learn, but you should only get your knowledge and training from certified training centers.

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