Learning To Enjoy The Healthy Avocado

There are several reasons for the popularity of avocados. First, the fruit fits right in with a healthy lifestyle. Those who are trying to live healthier look for superfoods. They want foods that taste good and are good for the body. The avocado certainly fits the bill. It is very nutritious and is a powerful antioxidant. California is the number-one producer of avocados in the U.S, followed by Florida. The green fruit is native to Mexico and was brought to California in 1871. Rudolph Hass, a Pasadena postman, patented the Hass avocado several years later. Hass avocados are considered the best.

Consumers who are looking for a bargain can Buy California Avocados Online. These organic avocados taste fresh and make great guacamole. The nutritional value of avocados is unmatched. Many studies have been conducted through the years. Japanese research indicates the fruit may ward off liver damage. The research focused on rats that were given a toxin that damages the liver. Half of the rats were fed avocados. As a result, the rats who ate avocado sustained half the liver damage of the others.

In addition, avocados are rich in nutrients including vitamin E, B-vitamins, folic acid and potassium. Amazingly, avocados contain more than two times the potassium of bananas. Moreover, it is difficult for pests to invade the fruit because of the hard shell. It is also rated as one of the most pesticide-free foods. Avocados can be used in many different ways. They have lots of monounsaturated fat and can be used in baking. Simply, use the fruit to replace some other fat like butter.

The best time to eat avocados is when the skin is black and the fruit is pliable. It is simple to keep avocados when they are ordered. The ones that will be used should be kept on the kitchen counter. Of course, the rest should be refrigerated. Take them out when needed and allow for a couple of days to ripen. If they are needed sooner, place them in a brown paper bag with other ripe fruit. They will be ready to use in half the time. Enjoy the fruit and remember to try it in some new recipes.

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