Lesser Known Ailments Treated by Chiropractors in Clarksville TN

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Chiropractor

Chiropractors are generally known for treating upper and lower back pain, along with neck pain. Patients usually seek out their help whenever they have a back injury or strain. However, Chiropractors in Clarksville TN do more than just reduce back pain. There are numerous other ailments that can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment.

TMJ Pain

People who experience painful or reduced movement of their jaw have a TMJ disorder. Clicking and locking of the jaw are also common symptoms. TMJ pain is very intense. Those who suffer with it often struggle to find relief. Chiropractors in Clarksville TN may be able to help patients who are dealing with the daily pain associated with TMJ disorder. A chiropractic adjustment may help realign the neck with the jaw, allowing for easier movement. The chiropractor may also prescribe massage therapy for the jaw or teach the patient different exercises to help loosen the tight jaw muscles. Many patients see drastic improvements in their pain levels.

Frequent Headaches

The head is attached to the neck and spine, so it only makes sense that a headache could be treated by a chiropractor. The majority of people experience tension headaches. These painful headaches occur when the muscles in the head go into a state of spasm. A chiropractor will examine the patient to determine if an adjustment will help alleviate the pain. Once the vertebrae are properly realigned, the muscles are able to relax once again. Many patients feel instant relief in their headache symptoms after an adjustment.

Carpal Tunnel

Repetitive use of the hands may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful condition occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed or damaged. Many doctors recommend invasive surgery to correct the problem, but the surgery is very complex and has a long recovery period. A chiropractor will work to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel naturally. Since the nerves to the hands originate in the spine, a chiropractic adjustment may help the nerve return to a normal state. Even if the carpal tunnel isn’t cured, patients report that chiropractic care greatly reduces the pain associated with the condition.

Chiropractors can do much more than treat neck and back pain.

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