Let an Experienced AC Contractor in Palatine Handle That Faulty Air Conditioner

Once the heat index begins to climb, the most common response is to lower the thermostat in an attempt to reduce the indoor temperature. Unless the change is fairly significant, the effort won’t make much difference except in the next utility bill. Part of the reason is the way that most air conditioners function. Contrary to what many people believe, the AC doesn’t actually create cold the way a furnace generates heat. In fact, the AC is actually a heat transfer system that happens to chill a coil in the process. Air is then passed through this coil and forced into various rooms via air ducts. An Air Conditioner in Palatine can help keep this appliance operating properly with quality repairs and regular maintenance.

The type of AC repair will vary by the type of appliance and the actual problem. That is, if the unit isn’t cooling properly, the technician may need to add some refrigerant, or it could be a problem with the accumulator or a frozen spot on the coil. An AC Contractor in Palatine will use refrigerant for two functions. The first is to supply the condensing system with the lubricant that it needs to keep from overheating. This part of the AC is put under a lot of strain because it is repeatedly compressing the refrigerant as part of the cycle. The other purpose of refrigerant, collecting heat, is fairly obvious once it is understood that the system is accumulating heat and not creating cold.

When the condenser compresses the refrigerant, it causes a state change in the chemical. In this case, the refrigerant turns to a liquid form which aids in pumping it through the system. As the liquid refrigerant passes through the evaporator coil, it collects heat from the surrounding air. Changes in temperature cause the refrigerant to convert into its gaseous form. At this point, it reaches the condensing coil, and the heat is transferred to the outdoors. Experienced technicians such as those at Five Star Heating & Air, Inc. will usually make testing the refrigerant one of their priorities. To learn more about air conditioner maintenance and repairs, browse the website here.