Liquid Art: Essential Colognes and Fragrances for Men in Houston, TX

Fragrance, perfume, cologne or pheromones, whatever the preferred term, men’s fragrances are no less popular than at any time. And the right scent for any occasion is important for making an impression. The best men’s colognes are the niche brands men keep returning to make a lasting impression.

The Best in Liquid Art

Whether it’s local or international, the best perfume for men in Houston, TX, is liquid art that creates an unforgettable experience. The top-quality fragrances come from brands with a passion for the art:

  • 811 Absoluto by Giovanna Antonelli – a sense of honey and notes of the orient with an intoxicating mix redolent of saffron and rum. This liquid art is the heart of seduction and a sensual expression of the cosmopolitan New York of the tropics: Sao Paulo.
  • Amethyst by Boadicea the Victorious – an invocation of the spellbinding Amethyst gemstone, carried by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to reduce stress and to heal and gain protection in battle. This limited-edition fragrance from Paris evokes a rich sense of black pepper and cinnamon.
  • Cobra and the Canary by Imaginary Authors – a reminiscence of the literary American odyssey. This smoky essence of hay, tobacco, leather and lemon recalls the spur-of-the-moment road trip of Neal Orris and friend, Ike, in 23-year-old Orris’s legacy 1964 Shelby Cobra.

The Ideal Cologne

For a night just for two or one spent out painting the town, the best perfume for men in Houston, TX, should complement unforgettable moments and captivate the senses. To make an order, contact Osme Perfumery at (786) 409-4732 or on the site at today.