Live the Skiing Dream with Crested Butte Colorado Real Estate

Whether a person is looking for a chilled out, mid-town vibe or really wants to live the skiing dream, investing in real estate in this area is well worth considering. It is one of the few real ski towns left that offers a funky vibe, full of flair and determination to conquer the mountain. For skiing fanatics, the area is a proving ground. The mountain, in particular, appeals to families from Texas as a vacation destination and there is a top-in-class ski school.

What the Locals Think of the Area

Locals in the area love that they are able to enjoy the mountain town. They enjoy the ski vibe and having some of the best inbound terrain in the entire state right outside their front door, and they marvel at how the backcountry tends to span miles beyond that. However, it is the true sense of community and laid-back lifestyle along with the mountain culture that has been evolving in the area since the 1880s that locals really fall in love with. It also helps that they can grab their skis and make the most of the snow when it starts to fall. Hitting the slopes is a true tension-reliever for those who don’t work in the town.

What the Visitors Think of the Area

Owning real estate in the area means homeowners can look forward to being close to some of the most extreme terrain around and the snow can be epic. Many people who invest in real estate Crested Butte Colorado  and choose to settle down in the area are self-motivated entrepreneurs who thrive on skiing and biking to carve out a living. Others head to Gunnison for their day jobs. Visitors find the locals to be genuine and welcoming and the mountain’s main attraction is that it is one of the best lift-served terrains in all of Colorado.