Long Island NY Landscapers: How to Landscape Slopes

The increase of residents in New Jersey has lead to the development of housing communities off the valley floor. This causes a challenge of landscaping a yard with one or more slopes. Not many people will want to incorporate a sloping section into their landscape due to the challenges it may present if not dealt with correctly. As Long Island NY Landscapers will tell you, an unprotected slope can become the main cause of erosion in your yard leading to the creation of rills and leaving deposits of soil at the base.

It is possible to avoid soil erosion problems and create a beautiful slope that is stable. To be able to do this landscaping project as you should, you will need to first determine the drainage patterns that exist. With this, you want to find out if your yard has drain grates or drainage swales. The essence of doing this is to avoid disturbing the drainage patterns created in your yard. If there is a need to change your drainage to incorporate a planting plan, then the advice of a professional will be required to avoid causing further problems in the yards.

The next step, after determining how the water is draining off your slope, is creating a design. You can decorate the shape and hide the swales by creating flowing river beds within the drainage. Fill all drainage areas that are few inches lower than the surrounding and ensure that these rocks compliment the surroundings. You can make the drainage look even more attractive by widening it from either side of the low point. This will give it a more natural look.

Once you have dealt with drainage, begin to plant the slopes with a variety of plants. Be sure to choose plants that will stabilize the slopes soil. You can choose woody, low growing shrubs with fibrous root systems. The roots of mature plants will hold the soil in place thus preventing erosion. You can also consider using wall and terracing to prevent erosion.

Those are options that Landscapers Long Island NY will provide you with when landscaping slopes.

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