Looking for a Great Selection of Used Cars, Find Them in Sherwood IL

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Car Dealer

The majority of people who wish to purchase a used car do so from a dealer rather than a private party. They do this knowing that used cars have been mechanically inspected and reconditioned by the dealer before being offered for sale. Customers in Shorewood IL have more peace of mind knowing that all the unknowns associated with buying a car from a private party have been addressed by the dealer.

To ensure you get a great car, at a reasonable price, you should do a few things first.

Your Budget

Before you go too far, it is important that you know what you can spend as well as what you should spend. It is generally accepted that your payments on a car should not exceed 20 percent of your net income.


Research the vehicle you are interested in and feel you can comfortably afford. Take a good look at other vehicles that also meet your needs and expectations. Read the available consumer reports and web reviews. Determine which dealers in your immediate area have the vehicle you have in mind and at what price.


Once you have found a vehicle that meets your specifications, look at it. Look at more than just the price. Look at the mileage and get a history report. Find out where the vehicle was originally sold, how many owners has it had? Responsible dealers will be happy to provide you with a CarFax report.

Is the Vehicle Certified?

Many dealers offer certified used cars programs through the vehicle manufacturer. Although a CPO vehicle is a little more costly, it is often a price worth paying. The vehicle has been put through a multi-point inspection, any parts that need replacing were replaced, and you get an extended warranty.

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