Maintenance Tips for Your Air Hand Dryer

An air hand dryer is an excellent investment for businesses. Many companies are realizing the advantages that come with a dryer system in a bathroom as opposed to continue using paper towels. However, to get the most out of your product, you should take excellent care of it.

Clean the Exterior

When guests are at your company’s building, you want every room to give off a positive impression. A single dirty room can severely damper someone’s view of your business. One of your employee’s should be assigned to clean the bathroom every day, and that includes wiping the exterior of the dryer to ensure it looks pristine.

Clean the Sensor

Most hand dryers come with a sensor where people can put their hands so that the system automatically starts working. Over time, debris can build up over the sensor. This can inhibit its function and prevent the air hand dryer from turning on even when someone is standing directly in front of it. This can severely inconvenience guests who have wet hands that need to be dried.

Get Regular Inspections

Over time, your dryer may not perform as ideally as it once did. This can be a result of certain components wearing down. This can lead to the dryer not producing hot enough air or barely producing any air at all. Even if your hand dryer is working perfectly fine, you should still get a professional out to your business once in a while to inspect it. That way any problems can be circumvented before they become a severe inconvenience.

For the most part, your company’s air hand dryer is not going to require a lot of maintenance. All you really need to do is keep an eye on out so that any issues are detected right away. Regular maintenance will ensure you will not have to get a new dryer any time soon.

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