Making The Most Of An Aircraft Tow Tractor

There are few pieces of Ground Support Equipment or GSE required to do the sheer work of an aircraft tow tractor. These powerhouse tractors are required to be able to move a plane from a dead stop towing it where needed.

Different sizes of aircraft tow tractor models can be used with different sizes of planes, both passenger, freight and military. Choosing the right sizes of tractors for you airport facility will make moving planes around much easier and will help to ensure your facility stays on schedule.

Weather Conditions

No matter where your airport is located, there are challenging weather conditions to consider. In the northern part of the world, the aircraft tow tractor has to be able to handle operation even in extreme cold, icy and snowy conditions.

For airports in the southern part of the world, performance in extreme heat and rainy conditions may be a priority. Different designs and model features offered by different manufacturers are ideal for addressing the weather conditions your facility is facing.

Low Profile

All aircraft tow tractor models, especially for the larger aircraft, are designed with a low profile and maximum width. This provides the power needed to move the larger planes while also being practical equipment to connect to the plane quickly to facility backing up into the gate.

The low profile also ensures the tractor will fit easily under the nose of the aircraft. With significant clearance built into the design, the human error factor is somewhat mitigated, providing safer operation for the aircraft tow tractor driver as well as the ground crews.

Tow Bar or Towbarless?

New designs in aircraft tow tractor models now allow airport facility managers to choose from a model of tractor with a tow bar, a conventional tractor, to opt for a new design in a towbarless tractor. Often when the same tractor is used on multiple types of aircraft choosing the towbarless option is easier and more convenient.

These different aircraft tow tractor actually have different features than just the issue with the tow bar. They will also be different considerations the operator may need to use with the different tractor options, including different braking systems and different turning radius considerations. For tight turns, the towbarless tractors offer a definite advantage, and this may be a critical consideration at some airports around the world.

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