Managing Renovations And Short-Term Needs With A Denver Storage Service

While many people think that moving company storage service is just for moving in and out of Denver, it can be used for a wide range of different reasons. Two common reasons include during a home renovation and during a move to downsize to a smaller home.

Both of these types of changes, while very different in some aspects, still result in a lot of furnitures and not enough space in the home. When choosing a storage service there are a few options, but only one provides a full range of services to make your job a lot easier.

The Moving Company Solution

Whenever you have excess furniture or belongings and not enough physical space, using a moving company storage service in Denver is a great choice. These companies have the crews, the trucks and the facilities to complete any and all packing requirements you may have, move your items into storage, and then return them to you when needed.

If you are downsizing you can always use the storage service to keep items for loved ones or to wait even for a better time to have an estate sale, garage sale or an auction, it is up to you.

Security and Safety

Even with short-term storage, it is critical to choose a storage service offering well-maintained facilities. This includes proper ventilation and storage areas that are secure and protected.

Security in these types of facilities should include alarms as well as camera systems. These closed circuit cameras are highly effective both as a deterrent as well as in early response to any potential problems.

Additionally, make sure that the service offers both fire detection and suppression systems. In most of the self-storage units, this is not in place, and there is limited insurance coverage, if any at all, that will be offered. With the moving company storage service, you will have different options for insurance based on your needs.

No Commitment

With most of the self-storage, especially close to the residential areas of Denver, you may have to wait weeks or months until a unit comes available, and even then there will typically be a requirement to rent for so many months.

With a moving company storage service, you can utilize the service as long as you need, from a week or two to months, it will be entirely up to you. This flexibility, combined with the security, professional services and top facilities makes this the very best possible storage solution.

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