Marquee Hire – A Great Choice For Your Next Party

While some people in Australia already know the benefits of a marquee hire, some aren’t sure or don’t realise they can offer an alternative to other party options. If you dislike having to rent venues, such as a hall, you may benefit from using marquees because they will allow you to have the party almost anywhere. Reasons to consider this option can include uniqueness, customisation and more.


What makes a party memorable? In most families, memorable parties include people getting drunk, doing silly or dangerous things or fighting. However, if you want to have a unique and good-memorable party, you may want to consider marquees, as they offer a change from the typical. It may even be able to keep your feuding family quiet though there aren’t any promises. Whether you want romance or intimate, exciting or unique, you’ll find it with a marquee, because it is a small (or large) enclosed space that allows your guests to feel welcome and extraordinary.


Most hosts and hostesses want to be in full control over everything, which is sometimes difficult to do, especially if you rent a hall. However, you will be in charge of all the details if you use a marquee. You’ll choose the size, the guests, chairs, tables, caterers, food, drinks and everything else. While this can be cumbersome for many, most people prefer to use their creativity to ensure that everything is exactly what they want.


The elements can make planning an outdoor party extremely difficult. The weather can change in the blink of an eye, making it problematic if it starts raining during the party. However, with marquees, you are completely protected from the elements, including rain, fog and wind. You won’t be chasing down paper plates that flew away or getting soaked while trying to enjoy yourself.


The best part is, marquee hire is typically more affordable than other options. Because you are only renting the basic structure, you won’t have to spend so much money. However, they can become expensive if you require enormous options or multiple large options. For example, typical prices for a pagoda (Chinese-hat) marquee can range from $160 to $500, depending on the size you require. It may also be more expensive when you consider accessories, such as glass doors, silk liners, arch window walls, lighting and others.

Marquee hire can be an excellent choice for your next party, especially when you use Harts. They offer many options and sizes, so you get the ultimate event, so visit them today.

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