Mazda3 Vs Honda Civic 2017

Both the Mazda3 and Honda Civic are small compact cars. They both cost between $18,000 and $28,000 depending on the trim and options chosen. Both of these vehicles are at the top of their class and outperform most other vehicles in the compact class. How do these two stand up against each other, however? Should you head for a Mazda dealer in Naperville? Here is how these two compete.


While most people have traditionally used Honda as a benchmark for reliability, they are no longer in the top ten for reliability. Mazda, one the other hand, is in the number eight car maker in terms of reliability. While the reliability of particular models may vary from the company average, this is still a great indicator of a model’s expected reliability.


Both vehicles scored a perfect five-star crash test rating. This means that both models scored five stars in every test they were put through. The Mazda3 also comes with low-speed collision detection which will apply the brakes to prevent a low-speed collision.

With the Grand Touring trim, the Mazda3 is also available with adaptive cruise control to adjust your cruise speed to flow with traffic. The system also comes with a lane departure warning system. This is a system that will monitor the lane you are driving in, and if you start to wander then, it will let you know. This can prove helpful for distracted drivers or someone who fell asleep at the wheel. While it would be best if neither of these happened, they do happen and a warning system is an excellent way to prevent accidents as a result.

In the end, the Mazda3 and Honda Civic are very similar vehicles. The Honda is a bit larger, but the Mazda makes up for it with increased reliability. These vehicles are both excellent choices for a 2017 purchase. You can check out latest inventory at

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