Medical Expenses and the Personal Injury Attorney in New Britain CT

A common concern of clients represented by personal injury lawyers in Connecticut is how much their cases are worth. This is often a very difficult question for lawyers to answer. For instance, the value of a case can change dramatically as facts are discovered during the course of a case. However, the severity of a victim’s injuries is another important factor in determining the value of a case. Because of that, the cost of medical expenses can be used to determine how much a particular case might be worth. Keep in mind that the actual value of a case may be very different from the estimate.

In general, personal injury victims with more severe and long lasting injuries will have cases that are worth more. The settlement negotiated by the Personal Injury Attorney In New Britain CT will be higher in those instances. Those with minor injuries or those with injuries that eventually result in complete healing will have cases that are not worth as much. Since lawyers are experts in law rather than medicine, it can sometimes be difficult to assess a client’s injuries without considerable assistance of a doctor. However, the costs incurred in medical treatment can be used as an indication of how severe the injuries are. In general, those with higher medical expenses have more severe injuries than those with fewer medical expenses. However, there are exceptions to that general rule.

For instance, diagnostic procedures can be very expensive. Although diagnostic procedures are useful in determining the right treatment, it is not an indication of the severity of the injury. Nor is the cost of a diagnostic procedure good at predicting how long the injury will last. This is especially true if the diagnostic procedure ends up with a negative result. For example, a costly CT scan of the abdomen may show that there are no abdominal injuries. That is why medical expenses related to diagnostic procedures are often not included when trying to estimate how much a personal injury case is worth.

Once medical treatment starts, medical expenses incurred during the first few months or years of treatment can be used to estimate the lifetime cost of treatment. That is when medical expenses are very useful at determining the value of a case. That is how a Personal Injury Attorney In New Britain CT can estimate the value of a case.

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