Minimizing Risks and Losses Using Innovative Solutions in North America

As a rancher, you want to make a profit on every head of cattle that you buy. However, you also know that unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your financial wellness. Events like hail storms and illness can cause you to lose dozens out of your livestock herd each year.

While you cannot control circumstances caused by nature, you can influence the risks posed by the feeding and watering of your livestock. You can minimize the loss of your cattle with innovative cattle risk management solutions.

Feeding for Profits

You know that you have to increase the weight of every one of your steers if you want to make a profit when you take them in for processing. The feedlot will not pay you significant dividends if the cattle that you sell have lost weight or kept at their initial auction weight.

Using the cattle risk management option, you can learn how to feed for profit and get steady weight gain across the board for your livestock. When you load them up and take them to market, you can anticipate all of them gaining the right amount of weight so that you can clear a profit this year.

Learning More

Chances are that you want to know more about this risk management solution before you implement it on your ranch. You can invite a representative from the company to come to your operation and provide you with an individualized plan for mitigating your cattle risks.

You also have the option of using the virtual information at your leisure and putting it into use on your ranch. You could see an immediate difference in your profit and loss earnings.

You can find out more about cattle risk management online. Reach out to Compass Ag Solutions for information or go to request more details.