Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Movers in St. Paul

It’s not always possible to avoid moving mistakes, but sidestepping these errors can help customers have a smoother move. If a family knows what to watch out for, they can save in terms of lost time, money, and frustration. With those things in mind, below are some of the biggest mistakes families make when they relocate.

Not Choosing a Reputable Mover

Failing to choose a reliable moving company can seriously affect the price paid for the move. While bad movers can overcharge and break things, they can also take deposits without doing the work or fail to honor legitimate claims. From overbooking to destroying belongings, a disreputable mover can make a moving day very stressful.

Booking at the Last Minute

Reliable Movers in St. Paul always seems to be busy. As any person who’s ever moved will say, it’s hard to find quality help. Therefore, word spreads quickly about good movers. A family may not have complete control over the move date, but they usually have a reasonable window in which to book a local mover.

Not Packing Properly

There are numerous mistakes to be made in packing for a move. Some of the biggest problems include:

  • Not using the right moving boxes
  • Not filling boxes to the top to prevent breakage and shifting
  • Not labeling boxes
  • Not allowing enough time to pack before the movers arrive

Not Selecting a Reliable Local Mover

All families want a reliable company, but it’s important to choose a mover with knowledge of the area. For instance, those living in St. Paul should choose movers from the area because they know where to park, which roads are congested, and which roads allow large commercial trucks. Choosing a nationwide company that doesn’t know the area can be a disastrous choice.

Not Knowing What to Expect

Just because a customer hires movers doesn’t mean they’re in the clear on moving day. For instance, if it’s an apartment move, the customer must clear it with the apartment manager by reserving parking spots, stairs, and elevators.

Moving can be exciting and stressful at the same time. All of the above details are the homeowner’s responsibility. However, if the customer books helpful, knowledgeable Movers in St. Paul like Action Moving Services Inc., the company can tell them what to take care of and what to skip.

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