Montecristo: The Connoisseur’s Cigar

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Tobacco

When one lights a Montecristo cigar, one chooses to enjoy a cigar that has in itself the great history of a brand that has withstood the test of time. Part of the famous Altadis USA group that has the most recognizable brands such as Las Cabrillas, VegaFina, Primo del Ray, Trinidad, Gispert, and H. Upmann dating back to 1918, Montecristo is one of its most recognizable brands, known worldwide for its long line of cigars by those who are truly in the know.

Line up of great cigars in terms of flavor

Much like every celebrated lines of cigars, the Montecristo also has a variety of cigars that are both exquisite and worthy of its reputation but are also relevant and exciting to cigar smokers in every generation.

Montecristo White for example is perfect for women due to its creamy and rich taste that results in a well-rounded smoke. This is also great for those who prefer their cigars to be much more flavorful and unique to taste.

When it comes to cigars, partnerships and co-branding are tricky but these found the right one with the Plasencia family to form the Espada Montecristo cigar. The tobacco used here was sourced solely from one of the cigar havens in the world, Nicaragua. Part of one of the illustrious families who single-handedly placed Central America on the cigar industry map, it was started by Nestor Plasencia, a celebrated person in the history of cigars. The Espada Montecristo cigar has the Habano Jalapa Vintage 2010 as wrapper and Habana Jalapa Vintage 2009 as binder.

Montecristo and key cities for its connoisseur editions

Montecristo also has exclusive lines heralding major cities around the world. The Montecristo Chicago Connoisseur Edition is as sleek and as encompassing as the steel skyscrapers of the city it honors. It is a mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos and is wrapped in a gorgeous Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Every smoking session provides the pleasurable trilogy of a hint of nuts, coffee, and a rich, savory undertone.

What’s a city honor without the favorite Las Vegas? The Montecristo Las Vegas Connoisseur Edition is wrapped in San Andres Criollo wrapper. It provides earthy notes that provide notes of chocolate and coffee. Purchasing it is enduring a show-stopping modern box.

Lastly, the Montecristo New York Connecticut Edition is packaged in the historic Tabacalera Garcia. It’s also the perfect gift for any New Yorker or New Yorker at heart with its packaging containing the New York skyline.

Classic tastes

Nothing beats the original. The Montecristo Classic has the highest grade tobacco leaves, wrapped in the deluxe Connecticut Shade and Dominican binder.

Whether one likes the classic or the flavored ones, Montecristo is still the best of its class and sets the rules when it comes to high quality and consistently good cigars.

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