Mosquito Prevention: Take Your Yard Back This Summer

When the spring and summer months come around, we all start spending more time outside. The snow and the cold weather is gone, and we can head outside to the fresh air. While spending time outdoors is great, pests can put a damper on the warm weather fun, especially mosquitoes. In order to continue the outdoor fun without mosquitoes, Mosquito Prevention is necessary.

When the sun begins to go down, the mosquitoes come out. When you are sitting outside trying to enjoy the evening, the last thing that you want is to get eaten by mosquitoes. Not only is getting bit by mosquitoes annoying, it can lead to numerous red, itchy spots. When children scratch these bites, they can bleed, and eventually become infected.

Mosquitoes pose an even bigger threat than bites. If a mosquito is infected with West Nile virus, it can transfer the disease to the person that it is feeding on. West Nile virus is serious, and can lead to various medical complications.

Because mosquitoes are outdoors and not confined to one area, as termites and roaches are, many people believe that there is nothing that they can do in terms of Mosquito Prevention. This is not true. The pest control professional can help to control your mosquito problem.

Mosquitoes commonly drift along with the wind currents, however, they do tend to settle and congregate in an area together. The technicians can treat the areas around your home where mosquitoes congregate and breed. This can cause a drastic reduction in the mosquito population around your home.

Not only will the pest control professionals work to reduce the mosquito population, they will also take the appropriate measures to keep your family safe at the same time. After the first treatment, you will have follow up treatments every three to five weeks, keeping the mosquitoes away from your yard throughout the summer.

If you are concerned about mosquitoes ruining your summer outdoor plans, or if you have any pest problems, Accutech Pest Management can help. Whatever the pest or the infestation, their technicians are qualified to help you make your home yours again.

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