Myths About Stained Doors for Exterior Use

Unfortunately, many people rely on information they hear from others, or perhaps that they read online that is not necessarily up to date or accurate. This is certainly the case with all the misinformation online and even offered through some hardware stores and building suppliers when it comes to stained doors.

Many times, the reason this misinformation is relayed to unsuspecting customers is because the company is promoting vinyl, aluminum, or even steel doors. The only doors that can be called stained doors are made of wood, and wood is often seen as a high-maintenance option, which is simply not the case.

To understand the truth behind common myths of stained doors, it is important to get the facts and learn the current technology involved in producing top quality, long-lasting exterior doors.

Wood Doors Warp

With the UV-resistant finishes and sealers used today, combined with design technology, warping of wood doors from exposure to moisture and heat has been completely eliminated. This is because the doors are treated on both sides, allowing full moisture resistance while allowing the wood to breathe; expanding and contracting naturally with the frame and the surrounding wood elements of the home.

Stained Doors Require Constant Care

Technology has also addressed this issue. In the past, and with lower quality stains and sealants, some stained doors did need a lot of work to maintain them in top shape, but this was because of the types of products used.

Today’s stains and sealants are designed to last as long as or longer than paint, and small scratches and surface marks will not be visible. Keep in mind that not all wood stained doors will have rust develop on scratches as you see with steel doors, and there will be no fading of the color even with direct exposure to the sun.

Limited Color Selection

When you shop online, check the color selection offered by the company selling stained doors. The top companies that finish the doors for you will offer a wide selection of clear or natural stains through to the more dramatic colors.

With all the different colors of stains, it is also easier to coordinate stained doors with the rest of the colors at home. It is possible to choose a lighter or a darker color and still have a door that looks great with the color scheme you select both now and in the future.

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