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Sharp Fluidics is experienced in providing tools that make the demanding operating room environment less stressful for surgeons. It is important that your patients come out of surgery without anything strange stuck inside them. The legal malpractice consequences of a misplaced object can be devastating. Sharp Fluidics has you covered with its Suture Needle Management System.

For an operating room with a Suture Needle Management System, the surgery goes well. For those without a needle safety device, the surgery can be challenging. A patient comes into the hospital, complaining of stomach pain. Your expert team diagnoses them with appendicitis. It is time to roll them into surgery. However, something is missing. Your head nurse reminds you that the operating room is not equipped with a Suture Needle Management System. If any slight misstep is made by the team in operating on the damaged appendix, the patient’s stomach pain could be quadrupled. As an expert physician, you make an emergency call to Sharp Fluidics. You demand that a Suture Needle Management System be sent on first-class mail overnight. You calm your patient, reassuring them that the surgery is going to have the latest equipment. Soon, the needle safety device arrives. You are elated. Your team dives into the operating room with renewed vigor. The surgery goes excellently. No foreign objects or sharp needles are stuck in the patient afterward.

We want your operating room to be as happy as the one pictured in this scenario. Sharp Fluidics wants you to contact us at (866) 376-4686.

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