New Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas Ends Problems With Mice Getting Into the House

New Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas can dramatically improve the appearance of a house. It also has some distinctly functional advantages, one of which is stopping mice from getting inside. Many people who have dealt with occasional mouse problems for years discover that the problem ends for good once new siding is installed. No matter how hard a homeowner tries to seal up every nook and cranny around the foundation of an older home, those critters are tenacious and tend to find new ways to get in. That’s especially true outside of town, where rural homeowners commonly have even more trouble with these rapidly propagating little creatures.

In addition, it’s difficult to make the fix look nice upon close inspection. Expanding foam sealant, caulk, and steel wool are effective at eliminating rodent entryways, but they don’t look attractive. It requires work to hide them. The expanding foam must be cut back until it’s even with the building, then painted over in an exact match of color. The patchy repair work can be obvious to anyone paying close attention.

New Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas eliminates all problems that developed over time with the old siding. Cracks, holes and places where the siding has pulled away from the structure a tiny bit no longer are available for rodents to crawl through. The mice will give up and find somewhere else to invade if they can.

Homeowners should tell the contractors during initial discussions about the issue they’re having with mice. Some people feel too embarrassed to mention this, but it’s important for the contractor to know. Special attention can be paid to various areas around the structure. The team from a company such as Arrow Exteriors can make sure that any places where an essential feature protrudes from the building are thoroughly sealed around the edges. Examples include furnace pipes and equipment connecting to the central air unit. Mice can make themselves very compact with their flexible bones, and they can squeeze through minuscule openings. Visit the website to find out more about this contractor and take steps to solve this problem once and for all.

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