New York City Helicopter Tours 101

4 Things to Look for in New York City Helicopter Tours

If you’ve decided that part of your visit to the Big Apple will include a helicopter tour, you should do plenty of research to find out which local company is able to provide you with the safest New York City Helicopter Tours at the best price, with the most spectacular views.

Vehicle Safety
The question at the top of your mind when you begin to look for New York City Helicopter Tours should be, “Is the helicopter safe?” Choose a company that has a long record of safety that has been in operation for at least several years.

Each helicopter comes with a maximum seating guideline, and different models of aircraft can accommodate different amounts of riders. Look for helicopter tour companies that clearly state the maximum number of riders on their website.

Customer Ratings
In this age of websites like Yelp, Fodors, and TripAdvisor, one of the best ways to select a helicopter tour is to search for ones with the highest customer reviews. There is a lot of competition in the New York City Helicopter Tours business, and fortunately, there are plenty of reviews from real customers like you to help sort out which ones are worthy of your time and money.

Experienced Helicopter Pilots
Similar to assessing the safety of the touring company, make sure that the pilots that they hire are FAA certified Airline Transport and Commercial Pilots. This certification states the pilots have been rigorously trained to transport civilians in commercial areas.

Since the best parts of New York by air involves some flight over commercial areas, it is critical that the pilots who fly in the company are trained and certified.

Lastly, look for a New York Helicopter Tours company that will take you to the places worth seeing! It is one thing to fly over the Hudson and back to the heliport, but if you want to be able to see the best of New York’s sites, choose a company that has an itinerary that includes the best New York can offer.

Do you want a tour that takes you to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and every bridge in New York? Or would you prefer a metropolitan view that includes Wall Street, the Empire State Building, and Central Park? Perhaps you want to see all the above. Choose a helicopter tour company with packages to suite your tastes.

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