Non-invasive Skin Care Services in Arlington TX

Many people feel a facelift, or other cosmetic surgery, is too invasive, costs too much money, and will require time for recovery. Busy mothers, professionals with hectic schedules, and people on a budget need Skin Care Services in Arlington TX that are affordable, will not take up a lot of time, and require no surgery. Looking great with clear skin, no wrinkles, and a healthy glow does not have to be expensive, risky, or time-consuming. Non-invasive procedures can eliminate the need to shave, wax, or tweeze hair, make skin appear blemish and wrinkle-free, and provide a youthful and healthy glow.

Professional skin care products, state of the art equipment, and breakthrough procedures offer a variety of skin care and laser techniques to restore confidence and self-esteem. Depending on the type of procedure selected, appointments will take between fifteen minutes to one hour. That time frame fit into any schedule. Laser hair removal, for example, is conducted with Intense Pulsed Light technology that destroys hair follicles at the base. Once hair is removed, it will not grow back. The procedure is safe for any area of the body. Complete removal in an area can take five of more treatments, depending on the size of the area, and the density of hair. Treatments eliminate recurring costs of wax appointments, razors, and shaving gels, or harsh chemical hair removers.

A breakthrough technology, called a Photofacial, reduces the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage, age, and rosacea. Skin is tighter and smoother, and will remain that way if maintenance treatments are continued. Other Skin Care Services in Arlington TX include peels, injections, spider vein treatments, and tattoo removal. Body contouring through CoolSculpting treatments is also available. That technology targets fat cells below the skin in specific areas and freezes them. Those cells die, and the body processes them naturally and eliminates the dead fat cells. Custom contouring can be done with no surgery, no downtime, and no scarring. People wishing to restore youthful beauty can go to Website for complete information regarding procedures, to view before and after pictures of actual treatments, and to set up an appointment.

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