Now Is the Time to Contact Deerfield Divorce Lawyers

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Attorney

It is human nature to normalize many things that can be easily and accurately described as abnormal or even unhealthy. One of the most common things we normalize is abusive behavior. We might think that a spouse who constantly has temper tantrums, does things like calling names or humiliating you, and who seems to need total control over finances, life choices and everything else is just that person being “who they are”.

Potential for Harm

However, that is not the case, and if you are dealing with this sort of issue, it is time to contact reliable Deerfield divorce lawyers. After all, the spouse who shouts, breaks things and threatens when angry is likely to progress to a far more dangerous pattern. Exhibiting these behaviors is a warning sign, and you must act on it.

When It Is Not Normal

Domestic abuse is something that few of us are prepared to handle, and it can occur in ways that we might try to play down or, as explained above, “normalize”. Yet, if you have ever feared for your safety, felt as if you had no control over major areas of your life (finance, privacy, communication, and so on), and are made to feel powerless, it is likely you are enduring abuse (or will do so in the future). The good news is that there are skilled and experienced Deerfield divorce lawyers ready to help.

When to Contact Deerfield Divorce Lawyers

If you are in no immediate danger, but you fear that you (or your children) are going to, eventually find yourself in harm’s way due to an out of control spouse, now is the time to contact a divorce lawyer. Our team has a long list of resources for those who need to begin a divorce, but who may also be in a vulnerable condition. The first step, though, has to be yours. You can contact our office to learn what your next best steps should be, and you are welcome to make an appointment to have a face to face discussion about the challenges you face.

Get Started Today

When it comes to domestic abuse, even if there are no obvious signs of it, law enforcement is your ally. Along with your divorce lawyer, you can rely on protective orders, police reports and the orderly approach of the court system to remove yourself from this harmful situation. Because a long-term protective order does require evidence of abuse, it is important you work with a knowledgeable legal expert. We can provide this expertise, and you can start your path to a healthier life today by phoning us at (312) 621-5234.

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