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by | Sep 1, 2015 | Pets

Do you ever feel a little guilty that your best friend might want some company during your absence or while you want to go on vacation? If so, you may be thinking about taking them to a nearby dog boarding facility so they can spend some time with other dogs while being under good care. Some of you may be wondering if those boarding centers are safe for your four-legged friend. Does your dog enjoy being there, and is he being taken care of properly?

What Makes Our Dog Boarding Facility Different

Not all dog boarding centers are the same. At Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, we provide a safe and comfortable dog boarding facility, employed by a professional and friendly staff, which genuinely care about animals. Our environment is much safer and will ensure that they are comfortable around the clock.

Feel Free to go on Vacations

Whether you go to work for the day or spend a week on vacation, your dog is enjoying the company of their kind at our dog boarding facility. We ensure that your pet remains in good health and is watched the entire duration of their stay. Yorba Regional Animal Hospital is concerned about your pet’s health and only provides the best food, medical care and activities to your beloved pet.

Web Cam Facility

This dog boarding facility is full of state of the art technology that allows you to view them while they are staying in one of our Luxury Suites. With that ability to keep an eye on your pet at all times online – you never have to worry about what is going on with them during your absence. Yorba Regional Animal Hospital also ensures that all animals are getting the proper exercise that they require, with a great play area for them to enjoy both in and outside.

Open Air Atriums are furnished and comfortable with hypoallergenic beds within our dog boarding rooms. We welcome our guests to bring their own blanket and stuffed toys to make them feel like they are still at home, and to make the transition easier on your pet. Our suites/rooms are divided in to the following categories:

 * Our Canine Deluxe Suites

Our Canine Deluxe Suites are fully equipped with cameras, where you can watch your pet most of the time during their stay (depending on the camera angle.) For the pleasure of your pet, we offer walking four times daily in a fully secured grassy area. Dog weights are recorded on daily basis.

 * Canine Luxury Suites

In the Luxury Suites, cameras are specially positioned so that you can always watch your beloved animal. When it comes to offering superior care and ensuring that your pet will enjoy their stay, Yorba Regional Animal Hospital is the dog boarding facility to choose. We offer five star accommodations that will ease any pet owners mind, your pet will be more than elated to come and visit us again. You can also follow them on Google+.

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