Office Moving Companies: Making Corporate Relocation Easy In Miami

In times of growth and expansion, or in times of downsizing, moving to a new office is important for a company. Choosing the right office moving companies in Miami to ensure the move is organized, secure and efficient is a critical part of taking the stress out of the experience and limiting your business downtime.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing between the various office moving companies in the city. If you are moving locally or moving across the state or the country, you want to have the best, most experienced office movers on your job. While price will typically be a consideration, the services offered and the expertise of the moving professionals should also be a high priority when making a choice.

Services Provided

Unless you have organized or coordinated an office move before, you may not be aware of all the services that the top office moving companies in Miami now provide. Gone are the days of simply moving boxes and equipment, with new services offered by the best companies extremely helpful in cutting down on the time needed for the move and the demands on your employees.

Some of the most important services offered by the top office moving companies you may want to consider include:

  • Full packing and unpacking of the complete contents of the office space
  • Furniture breakdown and reconfiguration at the new location
  • Movement of computers and sensitive electronic equipment, including servers, and reconnection in the new office
  • Secure moving of files and records
  • Post-moving clean-up of the old facility
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Fixture installation
  • Assistance with floor plan design in the new facility
  • Recycling

Additionally, some moving companies specializing in commercial moves will also work with you to plan and conduct asset auctions, allowing you to get rid of old, outdated or unused equipment, materials, and furniture, helping to lower the cost of the move and declutter your new office space.

Support and Planning

Through the support of experienced office moving companies, you will be provided with a move coordinator who will assist you in pre-move planning, determining the correct valuation coverage or additional insurance needed, and to be on-site during the move to answer questions and ensure everything is completed to your plan.

This in itself is a major advantage in choosing the top office moving companies in Miami. Knowing you have the support and expertise of moving professionals specializing in commercial moves takes the pressure off and allows you to plan effectively for the big day.

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