Companies everywhere should understand the importance of making changes to their offices. Office refurbishment may not seem like a necessity, but it’s a way to create a new look for the business and can modify the appeal. Things that look shabby turn customers and business partners away, which is why you may want to consider Sydney Office Fitout Company to help you achieve a new look. However, there are some things to consider before jumping in, so you get what you want and need.

Flow Of Space

Some companies prefer the open layout, where there are offices and everyone works in the same area. They may include a few private rooms, in case you need to discuss something of a personal nature, but everyone tends to work side by side, which can generate creativity and innovation.

You may also want to consider hot desking, where multiple employees use the same desk at different times throughout the day. However, it may be best to ask employees if they’re comfortable with this aspect, as some prefer their personal space and keeping everything organised.

Your Activities

Many employees wear multiple hats while at work. It may be more suitable to provide them with two-desk workspaces, where one employee can turn their chair and work at another desk for a different purpose. This way, everything stays organised, and they can continue to work without getting up and moving to a new office.


As a company owner, you’re probably focused on expanding at every opportunity. Therefore, you want a fit out that will grow with you as you progress. For example, you may choose to add new equipment in a few years and will need space for it. Employees may choose to stand and work, and will need adjustable desks, which can be used traditionally (with a seat) or by standing.

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