One Role Of A Plating Company: Fighting Off Corrosion

Today’s manufacturers demand reliability, quality, and durability. They need their products to be able to withstand harsh environments. In particular, they have to fight against a stubborn and prevalent force – corrosion. To achieve this goal, they rely on the expertise of a professional plating company.

Basic Facts about Corrosion

Corrosion is a major problem in the United States. Estimates put the cost to the American economy at over $1.1 trillion in 2016. The detrimental effects of corrosion impact various sectors. These include:

* Construction

* Civil projects

* Architectural structures

Corrosion poses a serious threat to both industries and the public alike. Degrading structures require replacements. This can prove very costly to industry and the government. If the companies do not replace these structures in time, accidents can occur. It becomes a safety issue. Corrosion can put the public at risk.

Addressing the Problem

To address this issue, many companies are working with electroplating companies to imbue the metals they utilize with anti-corrosion qualities. A plating company can reduce the cost of replacing rusting parts and structures. They accomplish this by providing the base metal that forms the basis for the component or other product, with a protective or anti corrosion coating.

High-quality electroplating may use one of several different metals to accomplish this. One of the most common and least expensive is zinc; another is nickel. Using zinc or nickel and any of their alloys will provide such metals as

* Stainless steel

* Iron

* Steel

While other metals, e.g., gold, possess high levels of anti-corrosion properties, they are too expensive as a plating for the substrate.

A Plating Company and Anti-Corrosion Measures

Corrosion is a serious problem in North America and globally. It shows no signs of abating. In fact, it has continued to climb annually. To reduce the risk of your company’s components requiring early replacement, contact a plating company. They will work with you to find the optimal solution to the threat.

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