Options For Funerals In San Diego, CA

When many people think of funerals (San Diego, CA; Albuquerque, NM; Birmingham, AL; Chapel Hill, NC; any city), they often think of burials. Yet, funerals don’t just consist of burials. Many people will often consider cremation for their loved ones, especially in recent harder economic times. Learn why cremation is another option for funerals in San Diego, CA and elsewhere below.


Cremation often costs less than traditional burials. While some do not consider the cost of putting a loved one to rest, as their thoughts are only focused on their loss. Unfortunately, the cost can be a burden on many families, especially when the death was sudden and/or the death occurred to someone who was providing much financial support.

The lower cost is a key reason why many families will have cremations for funerals in San Diego, CA and beyond. With cremations, there is no need/cost for a coffin, and there is no need/cost with opening up the ground to place the loved one. Instead, an urn or other appropriate container is needed to carry the ashes after the deceased has been cremated.

Crematories that only focus on cremation instead of burial can often keep their prices lower because they do not have the overhead involved with burial as many funeral homes have. This means that their prices are lower, which can be appealing to people with limited budgets.


Most religions either approve or accept cremation for funerals in San Diego CA. Thus, it is not necessary to bury the deceased in the ground based on religious beliefs, which is another reason why many families will choose cremation instead of burial.


Some people before they die, choose to be cremated rather than buried because they prefer to return to ashes as some religions claim or suggest they were before they lived. Some people are not fond of the idea of decomposing after they die; thus, they choose to be burned into their chemical compounds (what many call “ashes,” though it’s more like gray sand) shortly after they have expired.

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