Options for Industrial Roofing Service

A total roof replacement for an industrial or commercial roof is expensive and time consuming. There are options for Industrial Roofing Service that can help businesses avoid the need for a completely new roof. The best way is to participate in a thorough inspection and maintenance program designed to get the most out of the current roofing system. An initial assessment will let the company, and business owners, know what condition the current roof is in, and what steps can be taken to prolong the life of it. A plan for minor repairs, for example, can prevent leaks or damage. Scheduled cleaning is provided to remove debris, discover any cracks or peeling in protective coatings, and remove any animal nests.

A scheduled inspection and photo documentation is conducted to ensure the maintenance plan is adequate for the roof, and twenty-four hour emergency service is included to handle any problems before they become major concerns. Programs are subject to an annual fee that equals one to three percent of roof replacement costs. Prolonging the life is the most cost-effective way to avoid roof replacement. An experienced company, like Roofing Solutions LLC, for example, can provide details of the maintenance plan, and explain the benefits. Having repairs completed in a timely manner can also help prolong the life of a roof. Minor repairs are inexpensive and can prevent major damage from effecting the integrity of the roofing system.

Another option, if repairs are not effective, is a roofing overlay. That can be done instead of a complete replacement in many situations. It entails placing a newer roofing system on the existing roof, rather than tearing the current roofing off and installing a new system from scratch. Overlays save a lot of time and money, compared to the cost of a complete roofing system replacement. An overlay is possible if there is not more than two roofs already on the building, if any leaks were minor, and if the existing roof has been properly maintained. The structural roof deck must also be able to support any fasteners and adhesives of an overlay system. Contact a company that specializes in industrial and commercial roofing to discuss options for the building before a new system is needed.

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