Options In Cable Tie Bases For Construction

Wire cable is used in a wide range of construction applications as a temporary or permanent way to steady, secure or support structural components. To attach the wire cable to the structure, or even for use on equipment that operates using cable, cable tie bases are a simple, effective and safe way to secure the cable in position.

The Traditional Mount Options

Most of the cable tie mounts on the market have a range of different options to attach the mount a surface. As these surfaces are often metal beams or structural components, the most common option requires drilling and bolting the cable tie mount in place. Not only is this time consuming and labor intensive, but it is also not practical for many types of applications.

A Better Alternative

An alternative to this is to use cable tie bases that can be applied using the same technique as stud welding. In other words, the arc stud welding process is used to quickly attach the base to the metal structural surface with a complete weld.

This process is not only fast, just requiring a few seconds to install the base, but it also offers the added security of a welded hold rather than a bolt or other fastening method.

As with all types of weld studs, these cable tie bases can be installed in any direction on a metal surface. This means they can be placed vertically or horizontally on surfaces to run cables up or across.

Another benefit of using these types of systems is that installers don’t have to be trained in welding techniques. Once the system is set for the type of cable tie bases and the metal surface, it is just a matter of positioning the weld stud gun and pushing the trigger to correctly complete the weld in any location required.

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