Many companies, fabricators, and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) may use a relatively complicated and cost-ineffective way of producing aluminum parts. This may include purchasing a solid aluminum block, shipping to a machining service and then having the parts or molds finished and shipped back.

A smarter option and one that can be helpful for logistics as well as costs are to use a supplier for your solid aluminum block orders that provide value added services. This is ideal if you will be producing molds or prototype parts or components.

Shipping Cost Savings

Without the need to ship the solid aluminum block, you are only paying shipping on the mold or the parts. The top aluminum suppliers offering value added services should be able to complete a process known as nesting. This allows the various components that are machined from the block to be completed in a logical sequence that eliminates waste.

With larger components machined first, then smaller and smaller parts machined to minimize waste, this not only saves on shipping costs but it also creates a more efficient production method.

Use of CNC Capabilities and Expertise

When using a specialized aluminum supplier, as opposed to a general metals supplier, your CNC machining and finishing can be completed by experts with extensive experience in working exclusively with aluminum.

This understanding both in the application as well as the alloy is a benefit to the end product. Often general machining shops or trying to complete CNC machining in-house results in less expertise and a shorter turnaround time to complete orders.

Finally, when you receive just the parts or the mold you need, there is no need to have to manage the disposal or recycling of the waste material and chips. This also means one less task for your workers to have to manage, allowing your team to focus in on your manufacturing, fabrication or production needs.