Ordering the Perfect Printed T-Shirt for Your Business Needs

Many modern businesses rely on handout merchandise and swag for advertising. Customers love receiving free items, and this is especially true of highly practical ones such as clothing, accessories, and tote bags. Year after year, t-shirts in particular are immensely popular among both corporate clients and their customers.

So how do you select the perfect shirts for your company? Whether you are looking to outfit your employees or handout free favors to customers, there are some basic guidelines for choosing the best possible printed shirt. Let’s look at some tips for getting the most for your money.


Finding a company that creates either screen printed shirts or iron-on t-shirt transfers is not difficult, especially in today’s market. It is important however, to look for a company that will make that imagery available to you and assist you in creating a unique and interesting image that reflects the message you want to convey.


In deciding between traditional screen printing or a technique such as heat transfers, it is important to not only think about the way you would like your items to look, but also what your available budget is. Heat transfers are less expensive and offer some benefits that screen printing does not, making them a great choice for smaller businesses.


While screen printed designs are popular, iron-on heat transfers are gaining popularity as well, owing much of this popularity to their full customization potential. While your design can be created from scratch – just as with screen printing – the positioning of your image and what items it is applied to are entirely up to you with heat transfers. This advantage wins over many business owners looking to give their brand a boost with the greatest number of potential promotional products.

Ultimately, what you choose for t-shirts and other promotional materials has to be based on your individual needs as a business owner and/or marketer. With these tips in mind, a basic understanding of how these printing techniques differ, and what each technique offers to you in terms of value, it is much easier to make the right choice and offer your current and potential customers a great product at a great price for you!

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